ELIZABETH & MARY & ELLE: three new fictions

ELIZABETH & MARY & ELLE: three new fictions


would you die for love? would you break an arm, drive an hour into the boondocks? would you flee a city, drop acid, or travel the country in a van for the one you love? in this chapbook, three female narrators give us three tales of love: love that was, love that wasn't, and love that flees. one woman recounts how she falls in love with the father of her child alongside her heartbreak of the suicide of Kurt Cobain. another woman finds herself too high at a house full of stray animals; the house's owner, and her date, as haunted and strange as the house. a third questions the coming shift in her identity and if her old man can weather the changes as she spends time in a dilapidated apartment complex in which neighbors come and go too quickly.

if you've loved when you shouldn't have, if you've had a date that turned out to be an awful idea, if you've ever wanted to die for someone, the stories in this chapbook will resonate. here are three new, never-before-seen short stories from legends Elizabeth Ellen and Mary Miller, as well as Elle Nash, a perfect poison to break your heart and add to your Valentine's blues.

4" x 6"

108 pages.


PRAISE FOR Elizabeth Ellen, author of PERSON/A and SAUL STORIES:

"Person/a is very much an Important Feminist Work, in that it illustrates the pains of Trying To Have It All, but, like any good Feminist Work, it only addresses this through action and experience, rather than theory."—Juliet Escoria, The Fanzine

"PERSON/A is a fresh take on familiar feelings of loss and obsession. Its shifting narrative challenges readers to face their own preconceived ideas about the distance between woman and narrator, person and persona. The novel feels like half autobiography, half fiction, and both halves will leave readers stunned."—The Los Angeles Review


PRAISE FOR Mary Miller, author of ALWAYS HAPPY HOUR and BILOXI (May, 2019):

Miller has a sociologist’s eye for the mundane and the revealing.”

—Joyce Carol Oates on Always Happy Hour, The New York Review of Books

Miller ... captures womanhood in "a raw…and heartbreaking way" (Los Angeles Review of Books) and solidifies her essential role in American fiction.



“Nash writes with psychological precision, capturing Lilith’s volatile shifts between directionless frustration, self-destructiveness, ambivalence, and vulnerable need. A complex, impressive exploration of obsession and desire.”

—Publishers Weekly starred review

“A scintillating work of literary erotica...the way [Lilith] elucidates and wrestles with her sexuality and identity is perceptive and raw.”

—Book Riot

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