submission guidelines

The writing that we seek for Witch Craft is that which evokes emotion. That's what makes it magic: transferring or creating a feeling through the ritual of writing. We generally do not prefer genre work such as fantasy or sci-fi, but are open to it if it moves us so. 

Please note: We will delete all submissions received outside of the submission period. It hurts us to do so. Please submit within the submission period.

Please send your work to with the subject line of what you are submitting (e.g. poetry, fiction, essay, art, experimental, etc). We ask that you only submit once per submission period, in one genre. Please include a short cover letter and bio with your submission and name the submission file something reasonable like lastname_poems/doc, for example. PDF and Doc files are preferred. Simultaneous submissions are okay, just let us know if your magic made its way elsewhere. Collaborations are cool with us too. The editors will respond to each submission shortly after the end of the submission period. Thank you for your patience. 

Poetry: max. 3 poems

Fiction & Prose: max. 3000 words

Essay: max. 2000 words

Visual Art: up to 3 pieces - please note that visual art will be published in black & white.

Everything else: prose, spells, recipes, lists, reviews, interviews, receipts, texts, etc. Surprise us. 

We accept submissions from everyone, but encourage women and nonbinary writers/artists as well as writers/artists of color to submit. We understand the role that editors have in giving access and space to marginalized voices, and promise to do our best to keep Witch Craft a safe space for that reason.

We retain First Serial Rights, and rights revert back to author upon publication. We may ask to reprint if we produce an anthology. 

Although we cannot currently pay each individual contributor for our magazines, we do provide contributor copies and strive to continuously promote the work of those we publish when they are published elsewhere. Witch Craft Magazine is a not-for-profit magazine and press. Our main goal is to share work we love. Any money made from our merchandise goes back into helping the press run as well as payments to Sad Spell Press authors, and when possible, the artists we work with. 

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