Witch Craft Mag Issue 1 - DIGITAL COPY

Witch Craft Mag Issue 1 - DIGITAL COPY

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Featuring poetry by: Francesca Lia Block, Simina Banu, Zachary Cosby, Jamison Crabtree, Ryan Downum, Zoe Dzunko, Jon-Michael Frank, Zooey Ghostly, Marianna Hagler, Lauren Milici, Christopher Morgan, Emily O'neill, Antonina Palisano, Carabella Sands, Kelly Thompson, Sonya Vatomsky, and Matthew Wedlock

Fiction and Prose by: Corey Dahl, Brian Ecklund, Nicola Maye Goldberg, Anna Lea Jancewicz, Melissa Mcdaniel, Chelsea Laine Wells, and Oliver Zarandi

Essays by: Alexandra Naughton and Milcah Halili Orbacedo 

Interviews with Francesca Lia Block, Wendy C. Ortiz and a conversation with Sommer Browning by Adam Tedesco

Artwork by: Adriana Lafarga, Tana Oshima, Alejandra Perez, Julia Sanders and Kelly Schirmann