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Fall 2016 Full Lengths

Fall 2016 Full Lengths

With less than two weeks to go before our Grimoire Series One releases, we're excited to share some of the news we've got brewing. Sad Spell Press will be releasing three full-length books this fall and winter. Nicola Maye Goldberg's fiction will leave a hole in your heart. Luis Neer's poetry will wrap around your wrists like a gold snake. Wolf Pupy will mess you up with his magic. These books will be available for pre-order in paperback from our website, so please check back often for updates. 


Releases November 28, 2016. 

The Book

After dropping out of college, a young woman wanders through New York both invisible and vulnerable, studying the city’s strong magic and longing for a man she knows will never love her back.  She thinks she finds salvation when Charlotte Herzfeld, the young wife of a successful businessman, hires her as a live-in nanny to accompany the family on their trip to Berlin.  As the Herzfelds begin to crack under the weight of their secrets, she finds herself in a more precarious position than ever before.  

The Author

Nicola Maye Goldberg's work has appeared in the Quietus, Forth Magazine, One Week/One Band, and elsewhere. She lives in California.


Releases December 12, 2016.

The Book

today is the first snow of the new year

on the back deck, i stand barefoot, facing the treeline

having failed to transmit a signal

i would like to be absolved of some of this voltage

when i was small, i neglected to respond to the magnified world

now that i am watching for glitches in the scenery

it saddens me to accept: disorder does not disappear

this string, however vaporous, will not be untangled

the preliminary image is your ankles, timid, & sandals, & this

is as far as i go

the coming days promise way too much saltwater

the old bones of the forest let me know they are serious

in their reclaimed frost ribbons, with invisible gestures—

i’ve wandered back into the place where i was.

The Author

Luis Neer [b. 1998] is the author of five chapbooks, including This is a Room Where You Wait for New Language (Ghost City Press, 2015), BECOME DEATH (Maudlin House, 2016), and Autobiography (Bottlecap Press, 2016). They live in West Virginia. You can find them on the internet at luis-neer.tumblr.com and @luisneer


Releases October 31, 2016. 


wolf pupy storys is a compilation of short stories and magic spells written by a 5 week old wolf puppy, not only does it contain tales of mystic horrors, parables of learning, and answers to life's questions but also the secrets of dark magics with a grimoire that will teach you everything you need to know about the magical arts.

learn how to avoid monster attacks, survive in a nuclear wasteland, and what is the true meaning of christmas. all this and more in one book that is readable via eyes. if this sounds too good to be true that is because you have been conditioned by society to expect less from everything but in fact this book is better than most of all things. the writing debut of a young baby wolf that can only be described as 'a book' ', brilliantly written by stringing words together until they form sentences that form paragraphs or however it works. it is time to spend less time thinking and more time reading with 'wolf pupy storys'.

"probably the best book ever written" - wolf pupy

The Author

a 5 week old wolf pupy. he was also a finalist in weird for The Shorty Awards in 2016. Find him on Twitter @wolfpupy 

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