Sad Spell Press Presents: GRIMOIRE SERIES ONE

Sad Spell Press is excited to announce the Grimoire Series One. The Grimoire Series presents poetry and prose chapbook length works with visual accompaniments and collaborations, each etching a secret into our readers. The following Grimoires will be available to purchase May 18th, 2016. Each Grimoire will be hand-bound, hardcover and limited edition. Check back for more information on the artists whose work will be filling our eyes with color soon.


Jon-Michael Frank's poems are fantastically forlorn, seductively solitary. The essence of Nostalgia Flower is one of wilting and Frank finds endless awe in that kind of abandonment. Like a rainbow above a graveyard, there is something reckless within memory and through these poems that spirit is exposed as something much more fragile, something we can hold in our hands deciding whether or not to toss out. Similar to the memories that never make way out of your chest, we know Nostalgia Flower is a grimoire you will hold on to forever.



some things are so far away
ruddy wound power
chemic wine sun
everything merges in absence
what if we weren’t prophetic but colors
I mean prisons
rain shedding the universe
I need a hole to know what I want
waves scissoring the moonlight
you can’t go home again again
plastic wig hair on the wraith girls
beauty gives me Stockholm syndrome
there’s no sky on the road
idk how to know anyone
moths bathing in bronze angel hands
the sewage of spring is over
a gleaming of tinsel
the redwoods too want out of this world 

Author photo by Katy Shayne

Author photo by Katy Shayne


Jon-Michael Frank is also the author of the forthcoming poetry chapbook Disintegration (Birds, LLC). He has a book of poetry comics out called How's Everything Going? Not Good from Ohio Edit / Cuneiform Press. Currently, Jon-Michael is the acquisitions editor for the small press Birds, LLC and lives on the Puget Sound. More at


Inevitable What by Sarah Lyn Rogers

The poetry of Sarah Lyn Rogers is powered by a need for truth, as though truth could only be found within all the overlooked trinkets, miniature movements like every breath shared with another breath in an otherwise quiet room. Inevitable What is the noise those kind of rooms need, challenging silence's will by summoning rumbling earth below and within us all. Rogers spells feel like a collection of stones found on the shore, separated into piles: those you know to give away and those you know to keep for yourself. 



Our housecat decimates
a raspberry
while I (hands pruning
in Palmolive foam)
ponder the tameable wild.
Riding past, a pair
atop a tandem bicycle
reads like a commercial
for wrist leashes
taupe upholstery
the champagne colored cars
prescribed to persons
of reasonable means.
We make meaning from this
procession of wants:
the house one can afford
a tasteful coat of paint—
not what stokes a fire in the mind
not what a taskless hunter’s craze creates.
I ache
to make something
of substance
goaded by the knowing glance
of a sweet, primeval
creature in my kitchen
both of us domesticated;
previously published in 3Elements Review

Photo by Aly Schaefer 

Photo by Aly Schaefer 

Sarah Lyn Rogers is a writer and editor who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and who lived in Bhutan from 2015 - 2016. There, she met Buddhist monks and royalty, studied novel-writing and the Tarot, and dove into some books on paganism and witchcraft. Publishing a poetry collection is her greatest magic trick to date. When she's not writing, Sarah is the Fiction Editor for The Rumpus. For doodles, musings, and more of her work, visit

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