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A Small Hum: Interview with Poetry Editor Catch Business

A Small Hum: Interview with Poetry Editor Catch Business

 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Catch Business being witchy as usual.

            Catch Business being witchy as usual.

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to the launch of our website. There is not much here yet, but soon, there will be. I didn't really know how to write the best introduction for what we're doing here, so I decided to interview our poetry editor, Catch Business, about why she wanted to start this project with me.

Elle Nash: When I first met you, I already had this idea that I wanted to make a zine. But I really just was thinking I'd do some one-off, copy machined traditional kind of zine where I'd write my own stuff and then just put copies all over town or something. When we started talking more, I realized that as a team we could make something bigger, and realized that my goal in zine making wasn't necessarily about getting my work out there but about sharing really great work with others. That was what birthed the reading series idea, and the literary magazine. What made you want to start this project?

Catch Business: I recently moved from Oakland to my hometown Denver. It's been five years since I've been back here, and one of my greatest fears when returning was missing out on the amazing literature community the Bay Area provides. Witch Craft is not only about sharing the writings of writers who know a thing or two about magic, but about bringing the magic of community to Denver. Maybe it's already here, and I just haven't found it yet. I remember in Oakland, going to a reading or any event for that matter was like entering some new realm. Witch Craft is about harnessing the energies of local and not-so-local writers to create these same kind of vortexes. I'm really kind of obsessed with the concept of modern witchcraft right now, and what that can mean. I'm hoping to see what others think that can mean too.

EN: There are so many amazing literary magazines out there that already exist. What do you think makes Witch Craft different from other literary magazines, if at all?

CB: It's not that different. Most lit mags and journals even online provide the same thing. Whether or not people are realizing or harnessing it when they write, I believe it takes a certain kind of magic to achieve a poem, a story, a means of expressing yourself. Witch Craft is only different in the fact that we focus on this kind of human nature.

EN: I come from a background in journalism and editing and one of my favorite aspects of being part of a writing community is reading others’ work, editing through a story and offering feedback. I also appreciate the editors in my lives, as well- I don’t think I could survive without the feedback of others in my own work. I may not be the best writer I can be yet but every time I help edit someone else’s work, I learn a little bit more, too. I’m also nervous to be an editor and hope that I can do my best for anyone who submits to us. What is it about editing that you like?

CB: Editing is kind of a transference of energy. Obviously, mentoring is a similar term, and maybe this is a long stretch but a writing mentor is a little bit like a magic mentor - someone who helps another see the magic already within themselves. I don’t think I'm a mentor, not even close. Honestly, I feel like if anything, I'm the one learning from reading other's works. If anything, that's why I want to be an editor, to feel closer to the community I crave and to understand what they are, and I am in turn, thinking. Sharing the kind of emotions we do as writers, is the purest form of magic, in my opinion. It's amazing what a little honesty can create. And what you can learn about yourself, experiencing another's truth.

EN: Anything else you want to add?

CB: The first issue will sit in your room and maybe you will see it levitate or hear a small hum coming from its direction. You might open the pages to smell incense you don't own or feel the heat of burning light. Ask yourself, why do you fear what you don't yet understand? Ask yourself, what can you too create when you indulge yourself in your own magical nature, the part of you that scares you and motivates you most?

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