Dreams are Poems: Jaclyn Triebel


Katie: I have struggled with this dream for literal years so I'm sitting in like a fancy restaurant, and all the people in the dream are like faceless/veiled, and the waiter brings me this big fancy silver tray w lid, and serves me a giant steaming cow heart. And I'm like embarrassed because it's not what I ordered and it's gross but I eat it anyways and it's just so bloody and it's all in my lap and finally I'm like, this is dumb why am I eating this. And I get up and in the middle of the restaurant is one of these giant grey industrial trashcans like in high school and I drop it in the bag, and wake up. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN


art by Carabella Sands

art by Carabella Sands

Restaurants entail consumption and how we conduct ourselves as we consume. The setting: glittering, steaming. Full of sensation and fancy faceless people. Surrounded by these strangers, the dreamer succumbs to the pressure to be polite. Eats what has been given, no questions. The dish itself is raw, the heart of an animal. It is awful. A mess. The dreamer stops. The dreamer revolts. Stands. Discards the heart.

An assumed role drives the dreamer to eat the heart. The faceless strangers are always watching, not watching. Best to play it safe.

But everyone has a limit. Sometimes you just gotta stand up in the middle of a fancy ass restaurant and drop that shit.

Say no when it feels right. Don’t play along.



Katie Foster is a poet/witch living in Denver. She recently graduated from Bennington College, where she studied literature and French, met some ghosts, and honed her magic. Her first book, Animal Problems, was published by Electric Cereal in June 2015. Want your dream interpreted by Katie? Check out the Dreams are Poems guidelines here