Dreams Are Poems: Catch Business

The Dream

so i opened up a chain linked gate and walked down this dank cement stairwell, where i saw a sad little kitten. i suddenly remembered that this was the same kitten i had left behind when i went on vacation with my two other cats in a different dream. i picked up the kitten, my heart flooding with guilt, and took him inside. he ate up all the food i offered. i showered the black and white sad little mess with affection. i sat on the bed with the kitten and after petting him for several moments, noticed a strange bump. i held the kitten up and there was his face on his belly! it was a second face, as tho this kitten had devoured his sibling in the womb. does that happen with kittens too?! anyway, i then realized that the kitten also had an extra arm. he hadn't been using it before. it kinda made the kitten look like a hand - the short arm like a thumb to fingers. i loved the kitten so much more because of this, and i felt like this love for the kitten showed him how much i really cared even tho i had left him behind before.

The Poem

The dream begins with a descent. A locked up stairwell. Dank, dark, down. Stairs, step by step, are a logical hierarchy or sense of order. This order is abandoned (or at least left behind) at the sight of the kitten. 

The animal, a recurring dream character, is a new life, dependent on the dreamer for care and affection that has, until now, been neglected. The dreamer’s guilt is understandable, but here’s the thing about kittens – eventually they’ve got to grow up. The kitten is caught between two needs: the need for help and the need for independence. The dreamer indulges the former need by feeding it, loving it, petting it.

Touch reveals the unexpected: the kitten has two faces, one looking up, one looking down. The animal is two-in-one. An extra arm turns the body into a hand, the extra arm being a thumb – a significant appendage in humans for writing, drawing, holding, sucking, fucking. The kitten is extraordinary. The dreamer senses this and is overcome with a flood of love for the little freak, a love that makes up for the past. 

The dream occurred on the morning of the full moon in Taurus. As an earth sign, Taurus is rooted in the body, in sensual perception. This dream is full of encounters with a strange body, a young body, a growing body. Love it, and know that it is ok to leave it every now and then. That is how the kitten grows.



Katie Foster is a poet/witch living in Denver. She recently graduated from Bennington College, where she studied literature and French, met some ghosts, and honed her magic. Her first book, Animal Problems, was published by Electric Cereal in June 2015.