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Sad Spell Press publishes full length collections and limited edition chapbooks of poetry, prose and art. Our authors utilize the magic of their craft with passion and a protective element for the self, creating narrative works that invite us to look at our own lives a little differently, love ourselves a little more. In these texts it’s impossible to avoid the constant occurrence of change. Strengths we didn’t know we needed start to show up in us. Sad Spell encourages readers to engage with these collections as you would your altar, come back to them often for the reminder of the inherent power in us all.

Currently, we do not accept any manuscript submissions.

out of print collections


Calorie World by Caroline Rayner

IT FELT LIKE WORSHIP by Francesca Kritikos

NOSTALGIA FLOWER by Jon-Michael Frank

The Inevitable What by Sarah Lyn Rogers

The Filaments of Heather by Heather Goodrich

PHASES by Danielle Perry

Shadow Songs by Christopher Morgan

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