About Witch Craft Magazine

What most people see as dark magic, we see as our own unexplored depths. It's what's in you, the dimmest parts of your mind, the places that scare you. Anyone can be a witch, and writing can always be a part of their craft. Each poem or story is a spell sent out into the world, set upon others, rippling through inner space and time.

With Witch Craft Magazine, we provide a bell jar where we can experience the essence of these spells. Narratives that change the way your body moves and ways you think about your environment and its contents. Words that rearrange your vision, providing new ones.


Witch Craft Magazine is defiantly unapologetic of its place in the world. We share work that amplifies what it feels like to break apart from a society constantly trying to define us, or find a safe space within it. 

Witch Craft Magazine is currently print-only. We also have a weekly blog where you will find interviews, reviews, featured writers, tarot readings and updates about events we're organizing.

Witch Craft Magazine is a not-for-profit magazine and press. Our main goal is to publish and share work we love. Any money made from merchandise or magazines sold goes back into making the press run and being able to pay our chapbook authors, and when possible, the artists we work with. Although we cannot currently pay each individual contributor for our magazines, we do send contributor copies and strive to continuously promote the work of those we publish when they get published elsewhere. 

We like everything: prose, poetry, fiction, essay, experimental forms.

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