Writing Consultations

See the magic in what you create.

Detailed feedback on your work in progress with personalized, one-on-one attention from a experienced editor. Whether you’re stuck with a short story, a stanza in a poem, your essay for class, a full-length manuscript or if you just need some extra support on your side, our consultations contain just the right dose of literary magic we’ve picked up as publishers and editors. Read more about our packages and consultants below.

Poetry Consultation

$1.50 per page, up to 100 pages

Included in this package: 

- Detailed feedback about the tone and content of each page.

- Revision suggestions including structure, word choice, literary devices, etc.

- Recommended procedures to generate and edit work. 

- Additional option for comprehensive critique of overall work, price determined by page length.

Poetry consultant: Ctch Bsnss, Sad Spell Press Publisher

Catch Business is the author of quick fix (2fast2house) and fuck me while my phone charges (REALITY HANDS). She earned a degree in Creative Writing with a focus in Non-fiction from Southern Oregon University, attended the Juniper Summer Writing Institute shortly after graduating and now tours frequently around the US. As the Poetry Editor of Sad Spell Press, she has been working with authors to edit and publish books for three years. Catch is also the founder and organizer of The Next Lit Fest, an independent literary festival in Denver.

Fiction Feedback

$7 per page

Perfect for thorough and constructive feedback on a short story or chapter-length piece of work, up to 20 pages. A page is considered as a double-spaced, 12 pt font page, approx. 250 words per page. For longer consultations, please send an email to witchcraftmag@gmail.com

Included in this package: 

- Written feedback and a chance to ask questions via email about the work 

- Line edits which include detailed commentary and questions to delve deeper into the work, discuss structural issues and the tone and feel of the piece.

Fiction Consultation

Feedback on up to 5,000 words of a chapter or short story. For longer or shorter pieces, please inquire at witchcraftmag@gmail.com.

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Prose consultant: Elle Nash, Fiction and Essay Editor

Elle Nash is the author of ANIMALS EAT EACH OTHER (Dzanc Books, 2018). Her short stories and essays appear in Guernica, New York Tyrant Magazine, The Fanzine, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Cosmo, Marie Claire, and elsewhere. Elle learned under the mentorship of Dangerous Writing pioneer Tom Spanbauer for two years. She has also workshopped with Lidia Yuknavitch, Claire Vaye Watkins, Steve Almond, Chloe Caldwell and Suzy Vitello. She has taught workshops at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, Colorado and online at LitReactor.com. She earned her B.A. in journalism from Colorado State University and has been editing the work of others for several years. 


*please note that consulting with editors does not guarantee placement in the press magazine or catalogue