Witches don't follow the rules. We make our own with recipes to reinforce them. Art allows us to do the same, providing space to breathe deeper and exist exponentially. Effective art casts you in a new direction. It fucks up your language, makes you feel in a whole new way and forces you to see what isn't always apparent. We love literature like this. Writing that creates a change, fills our hearts with heaviness then wrings them out. Each poem or story is a spell sent out into the world, set upon others, rippling through space and time. We provide a bell jar to experience the essence of these spells, the words that rearrange your vision and inspire new ones. Anyone can be a witch and writing can always be a part of their craft.

Witch Craft Magazine & Sad Spell Press shares work that amplifies what it feels like to break apart from or find a safe space within a society constantly trying to define us.

Founded by Catch Business and Elle Nash in 2015.

Elle Nash, founding editor / fiction & essay

Elle Nash is a writer in Denver, Colorado. She is the fiction and essay editor for Witch Craft, and also designs the magazine. She is the author of i can remember the meaning of every tarot card but i can't remember what i texted you last night (Nostrovia! Press, 2016). She writes narrative non-fiction and fiction and sometimes even poetry, though she doesn’t have the mouth for it anymore. She believes that art is never a solitary act. Her most recent work appears in The LA Review of Books offshoot magazine The Offing, Hobart Pulp, and Nailed Magazine. You can follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.


Asha Dore, assistant essay editor

Asha Dore is a writer and artist living in Oregon. Her work has appeared in The Rumpus, Hobart, Word Riot, and elsewhere. She is a MFA candidate at Eastern Oregon University where she is working on a critical lyric about the (de)construction of mother. You can keep up with her here


Gwen Werner, assistant fiction editor

Gwen Werner is a cry-baby and sorority dropout from Iowa. She is the founding editor of Moonsick Magazine, and the author of the forthcoming chapbook "I'm Ruining My Own Life" and the short story collection Kill Us On The Way Home (Passenger Side Books). If you give a goddamn, you can find her here


ivanna baranova, assistant poetry editor / photography editor

Ivanna Baranova is a Brooklyn-based poet and photographer. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Peach Mag, The Puritan, Poetry Is Dead, glitterMOB, VICE, Hobart, ÄLPHÄ (Metatron Press) and elsewhere. Her website is ivannabaranova.com. twitter: @internetfantasy instagram: @ivanna.jpg


Carabella Sands, art editor 

Carabella Sands is Maryland's Daughter. She is the artist behind tNY's interactive column: Mermaids Doing Things. She lives in Baltimore with a fish named Lady Swedish (Swish Swash), a fancy cat named Chris and a boyfriend named Trouble.


krista nicole, assistant art editor

krista nicole is an artist and graphic designer currently living in arizona. she loves plants, clouds, and making friends with animals. you can find her online at artbykristanicole.com or @artbykristanicole on instagram


angela puliche, assistant art editor

Angela Puliche, also known as Sera, is a freelance traditional ink illustrator, professional graphic designer on occasion, and melancholy artist in essence. She has a profound appreciation for somber subjects, our darkest shadow, and all that is occult, which she conveys in her craft through an innately melancholic approach and captivating symbolic imagery. Find her lurking and crafting on Instagram @sera.illustration


Colleen Barnett, photography editor

Colleen has been taking photographs of things with no particular meaning for close to a decade. 

Catch Business, founding publisher / poetry

Catch Business is the author of quick fix (2fast2house, 2018), fuck me while my phone charges (REALITY HANDS, 2017) and other books. She is also the founder of housepartypoetry.com.


julia sub, sad spell press creative director

Julia is a curator and visual artist living in New York City. Her work is largely installation based with a focus on digital video and found objects. She is endlessly exploring themes of dreams, childhood and imagination. When Julia is not making her own work, she is co-curating group art shows with her partner in crime to help build an engaging and supportive network of young artists. To get in touch, you can find her on instagram @hair_pull. 


Megan Willoughby, assistant poetry editor

Megan is a jack of all trades/poet/plant mother from Los Angeles, CA. You can find her writing at Potluck Mag, theEEEL, and the 3rd page of Google search. She half-heartedly blogs as FlusteredPoet.


francesca kritikos, assistant poetry editor

Francesca Kritikos is from Chicago. She is the author of IT FELT LIKE WORSHIP (Sad Spell Press, 2017). Her poetry has appeared in Bunny Mag, Peach Mag, Hobart, Hotdog Mag and more. Her website is francescakritikos.tumblr.com.


alessia di cesare, assistant poetry editor

Alessia is a poet and witchy woman from just outside of Toronto, Canada. When she isn't writing or reading poetry, she is often asking her tarot cards for important life advice (that she may or may not ignore) and crafting up her own little spells to use when the phase of the moon is just right. Alessia published her first collection of poetry “How the Heartache Humbled Me” with Bottlecap Press in the summer of 2016, and sometimes posts her poems on her Instagram account “@alessiajade_”


erin greenough, assistant art editor

Erin is a footloose artist from the prairies of Canada. Applying a myriad of artistic mediums, she is interested in memory and identity, meaning (or lack there-of), and the soft hatches between the real and the surreal. She is a former studio artist with Concrete Cat and a graduate of the University of Alberta with an honours Bachelor of Design. Inhabit an online representation of her and her work at www.eringreenough.com.


ryan humphrey, assistant art editor

Ryan Humphrey is an illustrator based across the point in merry ol’ England, UK. He draws constantly in multiple sketchbooks of multiple subjects here, there, everywhere! Did you know he’s the guy who created Bartkira?? He lives with two cats, Wilson and Darcy. Check out what work he does here: instagram.com/withapencilinhand


sarai nissan, photography editor

Sarai Nissan is an artist, writer, model and the official witch of Denver, Colorado (kind of.) In a past life, she worked as a Section Editor and photographer for The Sentry. In between sigil rituals, she works as the manager of a private art gallery, enjoys curling up on her antique couch with her sphynx Bela Lugosi, and relaxing jaunts through cemeteries. You can find her on Instagram at @svrvinissvn


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